wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement

Every year, an in-house team of experienced designers creates several new collections. All of these new products must be innovative and trendsetting, while also being of superior quality. A lot of time and effort goes into research: Arte is constantly looking for new production methods and quality materials.


We are not talking about paper when we are talking about Arte wallapapers. We mean the most fascinating materials sewed, glued, pressed together to a work of art for your walls. To make their stencils they use the negative of real palm leafs or they press actual, coloured banana leafs, onto their wallpapers to get the real feeling of the matter. They use glasspearls that capture the light, velvet applications for dramatic looks and many many more techniques that will make you want them for your home.


Optimize your home living experience with wallpaper. The wallpapers of arte arent just something you look at, the production includes materials and techniques that are also inviting to touch them and get beneficials like acoustique isolation, or the increase of light due to the metallic effects added in the wallpaper Thus Arte's wallpapers are a very stylish solution to your problem of a  dark or hollow room.


Come by and take look!


2016 Spring Collection