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As interior designers, architects and experts in the field of making living spaces, we need to have a seismographic intuition on emerging trends around us and around the globe. 


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PINK vibes


The coolest colour to have in your home home right now? We say Pink is a must!


Pink is starting to be reclaimed as a colour of high fashion and in the context of interior design it’s breaking free from being a gender sterotype. It’s a colour for the person that wants to show a more individual home.


„Pink can be very ‚in-your-face’ or a simple innocent blush“


Luckily our dearest friends at Little Greene lanced a new collenction with wonderful blushed, powdery hues in pink. Available now!

Our favorites: Hellebore 275 & Còrdoba 277


Rossi's homage to PINK!


Our Project "City Haze" and " City Life" has been shortlisted

Design Award



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